CareOne Builders

80 Broad Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10005

Toll free 800 536-4005

About Us

CareOne Builders (COB) is a leading supplier of a vast array of commodities, goods and services to hundreds of customers globally. COB is city and state certified 100% woman- minority owned company.

Our philosophy is based on a fundamental set of values, and these values guide the relationships we enjoy with our customers whom we provide goods and services. COB is committed to maintaining a broad, diverse base of strategic suppliers globally -- ready on demand to meet the requirements of our internal and external customers over both the short and long term. We establish partnerships with suppliers that meet our performance and compliance standards, We’ve established and refined innovative processes that will enable us to collaborate effectively and efficiently with our customers, and contribute to your company’s bottom-line and business success.

Green Sourcing

We are committed to our environment and the use of environmentally friendly products

As part of our environmental sustainability initiatives, COB Recognize and Adopt a process to identify and capture prospective vendors who are committed to green sourcing through their RFP’s. Our mission is to deliver as best-in -class for our customers while also protecting the importance of our environment